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Thanks for stopping by and visiting WardVWRacer.com.  This website was created for fun and to provide friends with a way to see my projects. 
UPDATES:  November 2013  

62 Beetle Page - With my Single Cab just about wrapped up I'm starting work
                on the Beetle.  I've updated this page to include new information
                and updates.

Single Cab Page - The Single Cab is painted and back together!  Had to make
               some changes along the way.  A couple of car show wins over the
               summer including a Best of Show!  Check out the new pics and

Engine Build Page - I have expanded this page to include several updates.
               Check out the new pics and info.

Other Stuff Page - I have added some new stuff.  Check it out.

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                                                       Thanks for visting my site!

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This page was last updated on: November 25, 2013